22nd October 2018 

Oxfordshire Therapy & Self-Development

Having run the Oxfordshire Counselling & Psychotherapy Assessment/Referral Service for 14 years, I have recently (January '15) developed and launched OTS - Oxfordshire Therapy & Self-Developement.

OTS incorporates - Groups, workshops, a low-cost counselling service and development groups for practitioners in Oxfordshire, though its base is at the Witney Therapy Centre. You can find out more on the OTS Website, but what follows is an introduction to the various services we provide.

About OTS...
Low-Cost Counselling Service
Group Therapy

About OTS...

Offering a range of referral routes and therapeutic options which can be tailored to an individual in terms of approach, intensity, frequency, cost and other factors, OTS will provide the one-stop solution for therapy in the region. From free educational events to workshops and ongoing regular groups, from low-cost individual and group therapy to in-depth psychotherapy & counselling, from short-term to long-term therapy within a wide variety of therapeutic orientations, OTS will develop the network and resources to meet clients’ differing needs.

There are many more ways of addressing the psychological challenges of life than the average person knows about – OTS aims to make that accumulated richness of human understanding and wisdom available to everybody seeking help. As the managing director of OTS, I will be able to advise you on other options, should we meet for an initial assessment interview, and either we decide that I don't have a suitable slot for you to see me, or that another course of action, such as a therapy group would be more appropriate.

Low-Cost Counselling Service

There are many people who can’t realistically afford the typical cost of individual therapy sessions. If group therapy is not appropriate, OTS can offer low-cost therapy with advanced trainees or with newly qualified practitioners who are in regular supervision with us from 20 per session. If you would like to apply for low-cost counselling or therapy you can phone me on 07977 126330, email me, or apply through the about group therapy.

OTS Groups

If you are considering counselling/psychotherapy, group therapy is an option for you to consider. Even if life is not presenting you with difficulties, and you aren’t considering psychotherapy/counselling, group therapy is worth doing as an experience that can support you in getting even more out of life. Very often people only seek our services when difficulty has not only arisen in their lives, but has also been a source of difficulty, sometimes for many years. Couples often come for therapy after enduring many years of conflict. One of the principle aims of OTS is to let you know about the rare and creative opportunities which group work offers whatever your individual circumstances, and to take advantage of this area of psychological and emotional development prior to even needing it.

On the OTS website, you can find out more OTS Website, and more about @3 that we offer.

OTS Workshops

We run a variety of workshops and other events at OTS based around different themes, such as:

  • Knowing Yourself & Being Effective
  • Group Therapy Taster Sessions
  • Everything You always Wanted to Know About Therapy
  • Why Are Couple Relationships So Difficult?

    They are intended to be both psycho-educational, and introductory to the different groups that we offer. You can find out more about these low cost workshops here.