22nd October 2018 

Fees & Booking Sessions


These are usually 60 minutes, and take place in my consulting room at Witney Therapy Centre. I usually arrange sessions on a weekly basis, but occasionally also work seeing people twice or three times a week. I usually work with couples on either a weekly one-hour or fortnightly 90-minute basis.


Individual: I currently charge on a sliding scale between 65 and 85 per one-hour session for weekly individual psychotherapy;

Couples: I currently charge on a sliding scale between 80 and 90 for per one-hour session - whether one or both of you are attending each session .

Group Therapy Fees: These are on a sliding scale according to affordability from 20 - 45 per 1.5 - 2.5 hour session.

Bursary Fund:
Those on high incomes (hourly rates > 100) are invited to pay extra which will go into my bursary fund to support lower cost work.

Reduced fee arrangements are occasionally possible, depending on the bursary fund and availability.

Depending on when you contact me, I may not be able to see you right away, but if you decide waiting might be okay for you, it is a good idea to book an initial session with me anyway so that we can explore the possibility of our working together.


if you prefer - I can help you find a therapist through an assessment and referral session (see the OTS page). This includes being able to refer you to our 'Low Cost Service' with fees ranging from 20 - 45 per session.

Yearly schedule & holidays:
I indicate all my holiday dates at the beginning of the academic year in September. Once a year, fees increase after the summer break in August.

Arranging A Session / Further Questions:

If you would like to arrange an initial session or discuss your enquiry further, please email me or phone me on 07977 12633.