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Justin Smith
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Couples Therapy

Relationships seem to take on a life of their own, and often leave us confused about what is going/gone wrong. Over time, the individuals who chose each other, change; and, when the honeymoon is over (which may take a few years), we are often left wondering why it is we don't get on as well as before!

I have many years experience in assisting couples work through the complexities of relationship! There are lots of ways to support and nurture your relationship. An initial session will help us see if couples therapy is right for you at this point.

If you are reading this, then you probably already know just how difficult relationship is. Approximately one in two marriages end in divorce, and of those that don't, or haven't yet, they are often not as satisfying as they could be. So why is that? Every couple walking down the aisle, even if metaphorically, generally believe that they are marrying for life. But at 50:50, the odds aren't that great for what can often end up with a really expensive and painful outcome.

Understanding the complexities of how the relationship has 'gone wrong' or is struggling, takes some time; as does the work needed to get it on the 'right track'.

As with individual therapy, an initial session will give us the opportunity to explore the best solution for you. Whether it is seeing me, or my referring you to one of my colleagues. Additionally, sometimes I recommend that people have individual sessions prior to working together as a couple, and an initial session will help us to explore this.


Sessions are usually 60 minutes, and take place in my consulting room at OTS-Witney Therapy Centre.
I usually arrange sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis according to what we are is needed.


I currently charge on a sliding scale between £80 and £90 per one-hour session - whether one or both of you are attending each session .
I am also able to refer you to other couples therapists who charge from £60 per hour session.

Booking A Session:

If you would like to arrange an initial session or discuss your enquiry further, please email me or phone me on 07977 12633.

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