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Justin Smith
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Assessment & Referral

If you are not sure what would be best for you – which counsellor or which type of therapy etc. an initial appointment will allow us to explore what would work best for you.

The purpose of such a session: to help you find the right therapist and approach to therapy for you.
  • we will have the opportunity to discuss what made you look for counselling/therapy at this point, so we can understand what you need and want from therapy. 

  • we can explore together the background and history of your issues, your aims and objectives for counselling/therapy, your current life situation and how counselling/therapy would fit into it. 

  • we will also take into account any previous experience you have of different types of psychological help, as that will help us get an idea what works for you and what doesn’t.

  • we can then decide together what the options are and what the best way forward is. If one-to-one work is indeed the best option, we can find someone who will fit your needs and requirements and works well with you.

    Finding the right therapist to fit with you and what you are wanting to achieve in counselling/therapy is the most important factor that determines how beneficial the process might be.

  • Fees

    If you want to work with me as you therapist, you can find my fee details here. If we do an assessment and I refer you to another practitioner, the fees applicable for the assessment are part of the OTS service.

    The fee for the assessment and referral appointment is on a sliding scale, with a minimum of £45, and a maximum of £80.
    The fee you pay on this scale is determined by whatever (per session) limit you give us to help you find your therapist. So for example if you can afford £20 for weekly therapy, you would pay the minimum £45 for the assessment; if you can afford £60 per week for therapy, then that is what you would pay for the assessment. I would then only consider therapists who charge £60 or less for sessions. So you may end up with a therapist who charges £45 per session. It is important to set a fee limit which will be sustainable for you.

    The fees for assessments are structured this way to allow for people who need to be able to access the low-cost OTS service.

    Your Appointment

    An initial assessment & referral appointment takes about one hour.
    I see people for assessments at OTS-Witney Therapy Centre.

    Let me know if you would like to arrange an appointment, and details of your availability.

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